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About Us


Jubilation Farms is nestled in the Owens Cross Roads community in beautiful north Alabama. ​

We raise purebred ADGA Nigerian Dwarf goats, a variety of chickens and guinea hens, as well as bees. We will be adding Katahdin sheep to the farm in late 2023 or early 2024. 

We never dreamed we'd be hobby farmers on 20 acres surrounded by gorgeous land, animals, and a handful of kids.


When I (Sarah) got the homesteading bug, we had just built a house in our dream neighborhood. Homesteading on acreage was out of the question. The timing was laughably wrong. The answer to buying land was a big NO.

BUT...God has a way of changing things. We loved our neighborhood and started doing lots of DIY projects inside the house and outside in the backyard. For 5 years we called our house our home, but on a trip to visit Jason's parents in Ohio, and a trip to the family farm, that NOOOO to owning acreage became maybe.


We began looking at properties just to gather information. Nothing caught our eye. Nothing was just right.

And then Jason found a property he really liked and wanted to show me. We had discussed 3-5 acres as being the perfect amount of space for what we envisioned.


The land he wanted to show me was 20 acres. It was a flat cornfield surrounded by mature trees on 2 sides. 

20 acres was an awful lot bigger than 3-5 acres. Now I was the one who needed to be convinced.

It was the towering mimosa tree that stopped me in my tracks. I could see our kids eating picnics under that tree, and everything from that moment on was set into motion. We never anticipated what God was going to do in our lives because we trusted Him enough to say YES.


We closed on the land and finished building our house in 2018. Jubilation Farms was officially born.

 Jason is an aerospace engineer by trade and maintains the buildings and pastures on the farm and in general does all the heavy lifting and building. He enjoys checking on his beehives and brewing homemade mead.


Sarah is a homeschool mom to their 4 children and is in charge of the day to day running of the farm, especially the goats. She performs all the health care, feeding, and herd management. She is excited to look into new programs for bettering their herd.

Our four children provide a constant source of inspiration for us. They help on the farm and are instrumental in the upkeep and maintenance of it. All our efforts go towards bettering the lives of our family and those around us. 

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