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Teens Goat Husbandry Workshop

Is your teen curious about what it takes to raise goats? Our Goat Husbandry Workshop offers practical insights on humane animal care and hands on learning. Join us for an enriching experience on the farm!

Date: May 24, 2024

Time: 9-11am

Cost: $60 per student

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What You'll Learn

  • Goat Breeds: Explore the fascinating world of goat breeds, from milk producers to meat champions.

  • Nutrition Essentials: Discover what goats need to thrive—water, energy, and protein.

  • Health Management: Learn to recognize signs of good health, handle emergencies, and keep your goats happy.

  • Breeding Insights: Dive into goat reproductive systems and breeding methods.

  • Housing and Grazing: Understand housing requirements and effective pasture management.

Hands-On Activities

  • Milking Demonstration: Get hands-on with proper milking techniques.

  • Hoof Trimming Practice: Trim goat hooves like a pro.

  • Q&A Session: Ask your burning goat-related questions.

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