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Farm Friends

Join our Farm Friends Class for 3-4-year-olds! Kids will meet farm animals, pet them, learn about them, collect eggs, and make a fun chicken-themed craft. It's an energetic and educational adventure your little one will love!

We require a minimum of 5 students to offer this class.

Please make sure all children are dressed in clothing that can get dirty and are wearing mud boots. 

Older siblings who attend with their siblings are required to have a paid ticket. 

Date: Friday, May 17th

Time: 10-11:30am

Cost: $20 per student

What to Expect

Parents, get ready for an enriching and enjoyable experience alongside your little one on our farm.

 Here's what you can expect:

  1. Safe and Supervised Environment: Our farm is a safe and secure place for toddlers to explore and interact with animals. Our staff are trained to ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone, but we do ask all parents to fully supervise their children.

  2. Educational Opportunities: Your child will have hands-on learning experiences about farm animals, their habitats, and their importance in our daily lives. Expect them to come home with new knowledge and excitement about the farm!

  3. Animal Interaction: Witness your child's joy as they interact with our farm animals. From gentle petting sessions to observing their behaviors up close, it's a unique chance for them to develop empathy and understanding towards animals.

  4. Egg Collecting Adventure: Be prepared for stories about the thrilling egg-collecting adventure! Your little one will not only learn about where eggs come from but also develop responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.

  5. Crafting Fun: Get ready to display your child's creativity with the chicken-themed craft they'll bring home. It's a wonderful keepsake that reflects their farm exploration and artistic flair.

  6. Parental Participation: You are welcome to join in the fun alongside your child, creating special bonding moments and shared experiences that you'll cherish. So, bring your phones and get ready for some super cute pictures and memories!

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