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perfect for ages 5+


Farm School 6-week Classes

Our 6 week Farm School courses are designed to give kids a hands-on experience with different aspects of our farm.

Classes range from learning about our Nigerian Dwarf Goats, to learning about how chickens lay eggs.


Kids will get to help make butter, incubate eggs, can pickles or jam, and plant a garden!


These hands-on classes involve real work on the farm as well as interacting with our animals. 


Location: Jubilation Farms

When: FALL 2023

Cost: $120 per child for the entire 6 weeks.
This works out to only $20 per 1.5 hour class and includes supplies.

Class tuition deposit (half tuition per student) is due upon registration and is non-refundable. The remainder of tuition is due no later than the first day of class.

Pay via PayPal @jubilationfarms 

or with check made out to Sarah Nuss.


Sample Schedule

Class 1: Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats 

Students will learn all about these amazing creatures while helping with choring and feeding. Included is a milking demonstration, and demonstration on how to make butter. 

Class 2: Chickens

Students will learn about chickens and caring for them, as well as how a hen lays an egg. Students will collect eggs and learn to identify whether an egg is fertilized. This class will include egg incubation.

Class 3: Gardening

Students will learn how to build a simple raised bed, help fill it with mulch, composted manure, and soil. Students will also plant herbs and other veggies.

Class 4: Bees

Students will learn about bees and how important they are for our farm. This class will include a peak at the hives in small groups, as well as a honey tasting. We will also transform beeswax into a special craft.

Class 5: Canning

Students will learn how to preserve a harvest by canning pickles. This class will focus on food safety and preservation options.

Class 6: Field Day Celebration

Our last class will be a celebration of all students have learned. Hopefully our chicks will be hatching, herbs and veggies will be growing, and our pickles will be ready to take home. 

All sessions include time to groom and pet the goats. 

Please note that this is a sample syllabus and classes may change as necessary.

Free Range Poultry Farm

A la carte Farm School Classes

Can't commit to an entire 6 week course? Pick and choose from these stand-alone classes offered on Thursdays.

A la carte classes cover topics such as chickens, goats, bees, and gardening. Because of the nature of these classes, there will not be the opportunity to do in depth projects such as canning, incubating eggs, or making butter.

Smaller projects will be included.

Location: Jubilation Farms

When: MAY-JULY 2023

Cost: $30 per class, per student

10% discount for families with more than 3 kids.

Class tuition is due upon registration. 

Pay via PayPal @jubilationfarms 

or with check made out to Sarah Nuss.

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