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We are so excited to have your visit our farm! In order to keep everyone safe, including our animals, there are a few rules that we need to have in place. 

Farm Rules

1. Close toed shoes are required of all guests. For the biosecurity of our animals, please do not wear any shoes or boots that have been previously worn on another farm. We can supply plastic bags for enclosing shoes/boots.

2. The pool is off limits at all times.

3. Please follow all signage.

4. Visitors MUST have an event ticket. We are a working farm and do not allow any guests on the farm or property without prior permission.

5. Do not climb or hang on the fences or trees.

6. Animals are on a strict dietary regimen. Please do not feed any animals on property food that has not been provided by us.

7. Other animals or pets are not allowed on our property.

8. Children must be supervised at all times by parents or guardians while on property.

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