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Volunteer Needs 

We would love to have regular helpers on the farm so that our animals get used to having you around! 

These are the volunteer openings we have:


Goats and Sheep

Water buckets and feed troughs cleaned 

Fresh straw in barns

Interacting and grooming goats and sheep

Chickens and Ducks

Chicken waterers and feeders cleaned out

Duck pool emptied, cleaned, and refilled

Poop board in chicken coop sifted

Hose off nesting pads

Interacting with chickens


Water buckets and feed troughs cleaned

Shovel manure and dump into compost pile

Fresh straw as needed


Goat Barn Clean Out

Deep clean the barn

Chicken Coop Clean Out

Deep clean the chicken coop

Pig Pen Clean Out

Deep clean the pig pen

All Livestock Health Checks and Maintenance

Volunteers will help move animals as needed for hoof trimming and general maintenance


Goat Breeding Season October

Volunteers will help make our breeding paddocks ready for breeding season; help move goats to specific paddocks, and help wrangle goats for administering probiotics for stress

Kidding Season March-April

Volunteers will help clear the wooded areas in prep for kidding season, help us put together kidding buckets, and help with pregnant doe maintenance.


Volunteers will help with all livestock vaccinations by moving animals from one paddock to another, as well as help to administer probiotics for stress

For building projects we will also need help, and info will be sent out about what is needed at the time.

Tours and Field Trips

Volunteers will help set up, assist visitors in parking, checking in and paying, as well as acting as helpers during our tours and field trips.

Volunteers will be interacting with the public and representing Jubilation Farms. 

Important Information

Volunteer times are 9am-12pm. We start promptly at 9am and work until the chores are finished, whether that takes 1 hour or all 3 hours we have allotted for our Work Day. 

Once you have registered for the days you would like to volunteer for, you are added to our Work Day list, and no follow up is necessary. 

If you are going to miss the Work Day, or will be late, please let us know so that we are able to adjust our tasks for the number of volunteers. The best way to reach us is via text. Our phone number is listed on the registration form.

If you are sick or you have a child that is sick, PLEASE be courteous and keep us and the other volunteers safe and stay home. 

If you have a child at home who is sick, please do NOT bring your other children, even if they appear fine. They are likely just not showing symptoms yet. As a courtesy to us and our other volunteers, please stay home. 

Lastly, please be aware that we are a real working farm. All children must be supervised by parents and ready and willing to do farm work. If children are uncooperative or wandering around the property, we may ask you to leave so that nobody gets hurt.

ALL guests are required to fill out a waiver to be on property. Please bring the waiver with you to your Work Day.

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