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Girl Running in Field at Sunset

Class for Pre-Teens and Teens

Do you have a preteen or teen interested in animal husbandry and life on a working farm?

We will be offering an introductory class on goat husbandry that we may expand into a full course depending on interest.

To offer this class we need a minimum of 5 students.

Cost: $30 per student

Date: September 14th 2-4pm

What to bring: Water, sunscreen, clothes that can get dirty, boots

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 Basic Goat Care

Did you know that each goat has his or her own unique personality? 

Get to know our goats and their needs from all stages of life. Students will learn goat anatomy as well as what it takes to raise a healthy goat herd.

Examining Goat on Ranch

Hands on Learning 

Learn what it takes to care for goats at all stages of life. 

Students will participate in a typical day's chores, grooming, and learning the basics of hoof trimming and routine care on the farm. 

Bale of Hay

Advanced Material

Older students have the opportunity to learn about how to assess a goat's health, and we will go into the goat breeding season, gestation, and birth. They will learn how to care for pregnant and lactating goats. 

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