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We are proud to offer our purebred ADGA REGISTERED Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale as additions to established herds, or as the foundations of new herds.

Our goats come from top notch genetics, so they have the potential to bring strong traits through their bloodlines.

Nigerian Dwarf goats are intelligent, friendly, curious, and just plain cute! We love the smaller size for working our herd, and the milk our does give is sweet and creamy. Nigerian Dwarves offer some of the highest percentage of butterfat in their milk. On the farm we drink it raw, use it to make yogurt, cheeses, and goat's milk soap. 

Per state laws, we are not able to sell our goat milk for human consumption, but we have milk available for pet consumption. 

If you're looking to start your own herd of goats, we offer weaned kids and occasionally full-grown goats for purchase.

All sales are conducted through our Facebook page, which you can find HERE

Image by Marcel Eberle


* Goat milk is more easily digestible than cow's milk 

* Goat milk contains higher levels of calcium, Vitamin A, and phosphorus than cow's milk

* Goats are very social animals and should not be kept as single goats

* Goats have a 4 chambered stomach and are ruminants. They chew their cud.

* Goats prefer browsing (eating at head level or higher) than grazing (eating grass like sheep or cows)

* Goat milk is naturally homogenized and easier to digest

* Goats are picky eaters. They do not eat anything unless they are starving.

* Both male and female goats grow beards

buck= male goat

doe= female goat

kid- baby goat

buckling= male baby goat

doeling= female baby goat

wether= neutered male goat

herd= a large group of goats

kidding= the birthing of goats

estrus= heat cycle or reproductive cycle in female goats when they are receptive to breeding

rut= the annual times bucks show the characteristics of being ready to breed

poll= top of head

polled= born without horns

disbud= to remove the horns and horn cells so that horns do not grow


Meet our Does

We are pleased to present our current breeding does. 

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