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Kidding Season Prep

As the winter slowly comes to an end, we're getting ready for an exciting time on Jubilation Farms – kidding season! Our Nigerian Dwarf goats are expecting and we can't wait for the new additions to our farm.

But as any homesteader knows, preparation is key. So, let's dive into a quick overview of how we're prepping for kidding season on Jubilation Farms with our Nigerian Dwarf goats.

  1. Setting up a dry and comfortable kidding area: Spring kidding season usually happens during the still-cold days of early March. We make sure to provide our goats with a warm and comfortable kidding area that's clean and dry. We also make sure to have enough bedding materials on hand.

  2. Checking for signs of pregnancy: Our goats' health is our top priority, so we keep a close eye on them to make sure they're healthy and thriving. We regularly check for signs of pregnancy, including the size of the udder and the goat's behavior.

  3. Stocking up on necessary supplies: We make sure to have all necessary supplies on hand before kidding season arrives. This includes colostrum, bottles and nipples, iodine, and towels. You can read more about the supplies we use here.

  4. Regular health checkups: We always do our own checkups for overall health weekly during feeding time to ensure the health of our goats, especially during kidding season.

  5. Finding good homes for our kids: While kidding season is an exciting time on our farm, it also means we'll have plenty of adorable Nigerian Dwarf goat kids looking for their forever farms. If you're interested in adding a new member to your farm, we'd love to help connect you with your perfect kid.

At Jubilation Farms, we take pride in raising happy and healthy Nigerian Dwarf goats. We love sharing our passion with others and can't wait for you to meet our newest additions during kidding season. So, if you're interested in adding a new goat kid to your family, be sure to get in touch with us.

Thank you for reading and we'll keep you updated on our newest arrivals!

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